Register Event Callback


Registers a new event callback.


Name Type Occurs Nillable? Description
eventType id 1..1 No The type of event call-back being registered. Typical example is UNFREEZE for notification of frozen payments being thawed after manual fraud control. For full details on the call-back events available, please contact Resurs Bank.
uriTemplate nonEmptyString 1..1 No The call-back event URI template, with placeholders for the parameters to be returned. All placeholders are supplied in curly brackets, i.e. {} The actual placeholders depend on the type of call-back event. However, there is one common: digest. For further information on URIs and placeholders, please contact Resurs Bank. Example:{identifier}&rep=4&digest={digest }
basicAuthUserName nonEmptyString 0..1 No If Basic Access Authentication is to be used, the user name.
basicAuthPassword nonEmptyString 0..1 No If Basic Access Authentication is to be used, the password.
digestConfiguration digestConfiguration 0..1 No If a digest is to be used to confirm that the call-back is actually issued by Resurs Bank, the configuration of that digest.


Name Content Description
ECommerceErrorException ECommerceError Failed to register event callback. See error for details.


Read more about callbacks here.



<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
    <ns3:registerEventCallback xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns3="">
      <basicAuthUserName xmlns:xsi="" xsi:nil="true"/>
      <basicAuthPassword xmlns:xsi="" xsi:nil="true"/>

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