Platform Plugins

Supported open source e-commerce website platforms

E-Commerce Platforms Magento v2.3.x-v2.4.x WooCommerce v7.6.0-
Shop flow    
Resurs Checkout YES (Not Denmark)  NO
Simplified Flow YES NO
Resurs Merchant API 2.0 NO YES
 After shop    
 Debiting whole order YES YES
 Debiting part order NO NO
Crediting whole order YES YES
 Crediting part order YES YES *
 Annulment whole order YES YES
 Annulment part order NO YES *
 Additional Debit of Payment NO NO
 Callback support    
 Callbacks report to shop YES YES
Discounts and fees         
 Handle gift card NO   NO
 Handle invoice fee NO   YES
 Handle discount YES   YES
 Handle shipping fee YES   YES
Display monthly cost with Resurs Bank in product catalog YES YES
Use platform order number as reference in Resurs Bank YES YES
 Supports multistore YES NO

SSL Certificate https and certificates

Do not forget to check your certificates! FAQ

Maintaining Compatibility

The more plugins you activate that handles your layout - and changes the default behavior of regular styling - the more the risk that the plugin won’t work as intended.

PHP Platform Requirements

Avoid PHP 5.6, try push your PHP platform upwards - not downwards.

  • We officially only support PHP versions which are actively maintained. Support for legacy versions is not guaranteed.
  • JSON / ext-json
  • Soap / ext-xml


All tests related to PHP releases older than 7.3 has been dropped. Our Pipelines runs with 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0. Bamboo dropped all tests, except for 7.3 for several reasons.

We have dropped all our testings for older PHP releases.  only runs with PHP 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0 -  as an extra test suite, only runs  on 7.3. Since the market changes rapidly we realized that we had to drop all old tests, as the started to break while we were going forward.

Issue tracking

The plugins listed and provided from this page are open source and community-driven software. By means, it is software that could be used by merchants for their ecommerce.The community solution opens up for developers to make special adaptations, forks and features. You don’t have to use them and many developers choosed to write their own integrations. It is your responsibility to test and make control that the plugins works properly within your platform. If it doesn’t work, feel free to contact us via Do not publish our plugins straight into a production server, before those steps. The plugins on this page are written generically and supposed to work with many solutions. This said, it is not guaranteed to fit or work with all solutions.Also, if you feel you want to modify the plugins and share it, fork the projects from Bitbucket and create your pull request for us.

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