The data for the payment during a Simplified Basic Show Flow.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
preferredId id 0..1 Yes The preferred payment ID for the payment, usually the order ID. This ID has to be unique per representative and payment. If nothing is specified, the system will generate an unique ID. This ID will in both cases be returned in the bookPaymentResult as paymentId.If you are to offer Swish (SE) or card payment via Nets through Resurs Bank, the maximum characters are 35 (Swish) and 32 (Nets) and allowed characters are a-z A-Z 0-9 - 
paymentMethodId id 1..1 No The payment method to be used when doing a payment.
preferredTransactionId id 0..1 Yes An identifier which is reported back in economic reports. Can thus be used as a key to track transactions. It’s optional. Only to be used when finalizeIfBooked is set to true, else use this parameter in finalizePayment!
customerIpAddress string 1…1 No The IP address of the customer of the payment.
waitForFraudControl boolean 0..1 Yes If the system should wait to return a response until the fraud control has run. If you set waitForFraudControl to false you will have to register the callback AUTOMATIC_FRAUD_CONTROL to get notified when the control is finished, with result FROZEN or THAWED. Default: true.
annulIfFrozen boolean 0..1 Yes If the fraud freezes a payment, it will automatically annul the payment. Set it to true if you cannot wait for the order to be thawed before delivering the purchased items. Default: false.
finalizeIfBooked boolean 0..1 Yes Will automatically finalize (debit) the payment if you will get an okay from the fraud control. If you set the waitForFraudControl to false you need to register the callback FINALIZATION if you want to get notified when a payment is finalized. Default: false.

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