The basic payment information returned by a search. It does not contain all payment details, but enough to be presented in a list of links to the full details.
Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
paymentId id 1..1 No The payment identity.
paymentMethodId id 1..1 No The payment method identity.
paymentMethodName nonEmptyString 1..1 No The payment method name.
governmentId nonEmptyString 1..1 No The customer government identity.
fullName string 1..1 No The full (possibly composite name) of the customer.
booked dateTime 1..1 No The timestamp of the payment booking.
modified dateTime 0..1 No The timestamp of latest payment modification.
finalized dateTime 0..1 No The timestamp of the latest payment finalization.
totalAmount positiveDecimal 1..1 No The total payment amount. Please be aware that this is the current total payment amount, i.e. taking into consideration the status of the various payment parts.
frozen boolean 1..1 No Whether or not the payment has been frozen by the fraud system for a more detailed control.
status paymentStatus 0..100 No The status of the payment as a list of status values.

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