Payment methods are divided into groups. This information can be used to retrieve orders based on which payment method type was used.

Value Description
INVOICE The customer wants to have an invoice sent to him, where he’s able to pay the whole amount at once.
REVOLVING_CREDIT The customer wants to start a new account, and finance the purchase with that account’s credit limit. The purchase can be paid in a series of installments. In most cases there will be made a branded card sent to customer, depending on how your collaboration with Resurs Bank looks like. A credit application will need to be made, and the customer needs to sign a credit contract.
CARD Every card issued by Resurs Bank falls into this group, while cards from other banks or credit institutions do NOT! This means that customers which have a branded Resurs card from another of Resurs representatives still can use it in your webshop.
BONUS Not implemented.

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