Extended Customer is an extension of the Customer, it is used in the Simplified Shop Flow

Occurrences of fields below adhere to the xsd requirements.Beware that some fields are required by the bank product the client and Resurs agreed upon.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
cellPhone string 0..1 false The customer’s cell phone number is specified here. Is mandatory if you are using Swish payment method via Resurs Bank
yourCustomerId string 0..1 true Your internal customer ID, if you want it on invoice etc.
deliveryAddress address 0..1 true If the delivery address should be changed, specify a new delivery address here else leave it empty.
contactGovernmentId string 0..1 true If your customer is of LEGAL type (company), set the contact person for the payment. If a none LEGAL (i.e. NATURAL) leave it empty.Contact civic number. Company applicable only for Sweden.

Details about a (potential) customer, be it natural or legal.
Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
governmentId nonEmptyString 0..1 No Identifies a customer uniquely within the country.• SE: Personnummer/Organisationsnummer• DK: CPR-number• NO: Fødselsnummer• FI: Henkilötunnus
address address 1..1 No The customer address. It’s only used for fraud control. billingAddress will always be the customers registered address.
cellPhone string 0..1 No The customer’s cell phone number is specified here. Mandatory if Swish is to be used as payment method
email nonEmptyString 0..1 No The customer email address.
type customerType 1..1 No The customer type.
        <fullName>Asgeirsen Asgeir</fullName>

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