Building plugins (settings)

Configuration - Admin

  1. Option to enable and disable the module.
  2. Option to enable switch between test and production environment at Resurs Bank.
  3. End points for production and test environment.
  4. Country of merchant credentials.*
  5. Usernamn provided by Resurs Bank.
  6. Password provided by Resurs Bank.
  7. Callback implementation.**

[!NOTE] * Country settingResurs Bank merchant credentials only supports one country per credential account. Merchants that allow shopping from multiple countries need to have one credential for each country (Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark). I.e., a Norwegian customer can not shop with payment methods in a Swedish store.

** Callback noticesCallbacks must be reachable externally. If you are testing your web store in a protected environment and you want to test callback functionality, you have to make sure that Resurs can reach the callback URLs.

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