Create part payment widget

Create a widget which displays the suggested part payment price on product pages.

You need to be able to configure the following:

  1. On/Off:
    Ability to turn feature on/off.
  2. Min.price:
    Only display the widget for products which price, incl. tax, is within the given range.
    Where productPrice between Min.price and <maxLimit>50000.00</maxLimit>
    Get maxLimit using api getPaymentMethods
  3. Payment method:
    You should be able to configure which payment method part payment data is based on.
    Only show payment methods that are eligible for installment.
    Where <specificType>PART_PAYMENT</specificType> or <specificType>REVOLVING_CREDIT</specificType>
    Get specificType using api getPaymentMethods
  4. Months:
    Choose number of months for the selected payment method in step 3.
    Get available annuity factors using api getAnnuityFactors

On product pages.

“Installment from 129 SEK - 12 month. Read more…

  • The payment method used for part payments include a min. max. amount on its own, which we also need to check before displaying the widget.
  • Prices should be rounded to next integer.
  • Read more.. can be a Pop-Up window populated using getCostOfPurchaseHtml.

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