The payment line (item) specification. These can be used to provide detailed information about the contents of the payment.
Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
id id 1..1 No The line identity
artNo string 1..1 No Article number of the item. (Max 100 characters)
description string 1..1 Yes The item description.
quantity decimal 1..1 No The line quantity.
unitMeasure string 1..1 No  
unitAmountWithoutVat decimal 1..1 No The unit amount without VAT.
vatPct percent 1..1 No The VAT percentage.
totalVatAmount decimal 1..1 No The total item VAT amount.
totalAmount decimal 1..1 No The total item amount, including VAT.
deliveryDate date 0..1 No Estimated delivery date
        <description>Nut (M8)</description>

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