Magento modules

Modules in this section is used for integrating Resurs Bank payment solutions with Magento based e-commerce stores.

Plugin versions

Flow/Name Magento Version PHP Details Country Documentation  Links and downloadables Support
Resurs Checkout - Magento 1 CE 1.9.x >= 5.6 Resurs Checkout SE, FI, NO ResursCheckout/Magento 1.7-1.9 Bitbucket END OF LIFE
Resurs Checkout - Magento 2  CE 2.2-2.3 >= 5.5.22 Resurs Checkout SE, FI, NO ResursCheckout/Magento 2.x Bitbucket END OF LIFE
Resurs Checkout - Magento 2 CE 2.4+ >= 8.1 Resurs Checkout SE, FI, NO ResursCheckout/Magento 2.4+RB/Magento 2.4+ Installation Instruction Marketplace SUPPORTED
Resurs Hosted Flow Plugin CE 1.7-1.9 >= 5.4   DK   Bitbucket END OF LIFE



The EOL flag above is a way for us to mark how our support works and when there is an End Of Life for each plugin.

For our Resurs OldFlow Plugin, there is an end of life that have been passed, where no new development are initiated. In the case of OldFlow plugin, it has also been taking out of maintenance. No patches has been released since february 2016 as many of the functions in the last release has been replaced by other plugins (see the list above). Most of the plugins are still technically supported (i.e. by the flow), but patching the is something we avoid.

Deprecation notice*

As Magento development flies forward in time, we’re about to leave especially the 1.7-universe. Our new modules has a target version of 1.9 - 2.x, so running on older versions might break something. Magento 1.7 is the oldest version that we recently supported. The new releases of our modules is not guaranteed to work properly. Our “Resurs Checkout”-module MIGHT work for 1.7, but it has not been fully tested.

Requirements and support

  • For supported PHP platforms, see above.
  • Merchant credentials from Resurs Bank (ID and Password)
  • For Magento, at least community edition (the commercial releases are not officially supported)

Magento 2.0

Resurs Bank Installation Instructions

Known problems

Slow BOOKED callback

The problem might be caused by rendered templates. Depending on the template some responses could be very slow and cause timeouts. Full description is located at the FAQ.

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