The detailed payment information. In addition to the overall information about the payment, it also contains full details about all part payments associated with the payment. The part payments are the complete history of the payment. (The current state of the payment, if needed, must be calculated client side.)
Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
id id 1..1 No The payment identity.
totalAmount positiveDecimal 1..1 No The current total amount of the part payments making up this payment.
metaData mapEntry 0..* No The meta data associated with the payment as key/value pairs.
limit positiveDecimal 1..1 No The limit (if any) associated with the payment. This could for instance be the credit amount applied for.
paymentDiffs paymentDiff 0..* No The parts that make up this payment.
customer customer 1..1 No The payment customer information.
deliveryAddress address 0..1 No The delivery address, if one has been specified.
booked dateTime 1..1 No The timestamp of the payment booking.
finalized dateTime 0..1 No The timestamp of the latest payment finalization.
paymentMethodId id 1..1 No The identity of the payment method used for the payment.
paymentMethodName String 0..1 Yes The name of the payment method.
fraud boolean 1..1 No Whether or not the payment has been flagged as fraudulent.
frozen boolean 1..1 No Whether or not the payment has been frozen by the fraud system for a more detailed control.
status paymentStatus 0..100 No The status of the payment as a list of status values.
storeId id 0..1 No The identity of the actual store for the representative. This ID is defined by Resurs Bank. You can receive the list of stores tied to your user (representative) if you wish.
paymentMethodType paymentMethodType 1..1 No The type the payment, i e invoice, new account etc.
totalBonusPoints nonNegativeInteger 1..1 No The current sum of bonus points of the payment’s diffs making up this payment.

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