Represents a link to be placed on a page. Usage (if appendPriceLast is false): <a href=”url”>endUserDescription</a>. If appendPriceLast is true, the page that is linked is expected to show some information based on a particular amount, such as the price of a given product, and the URL is to be completed by appending the price of that product to the URL.
Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
appendPriceLast boolean 1..1 No  Whether or not the URL needs to be suffixed by an amount. Note: the amount is an integer! The web link URL “http://site.com/cgi?param1=1&price=” and an amount of SEK 999.90 would give the complete URL “http://site.com/cgi?param1=1&price=1000”.
endUserDescription nonEmptyString 1..1 No  The link description. (<a href=”url”>endUserDescription</a>)
url nonEmptyString 1..1 No The possibly incomplete URL to link to. See appendPriceLast for more details!

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