Getting started with self made integrations.

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[!IMPORTANT] Important about staging versus productionIf you are planning to develop (or install) plugins, it is required that you are running both a test and a production environment. In this way you will first be able to test that everything work properly in a controlled environment before a production release.If this is the case, also make sure that your test and production environment are identical. By doing this you will minimize the risk to have different results in your test compared to your production. For example: Running PHP 7.0 in test and an older version like PHP 5.6 or even 5.4, in production will probably generate unexpected results depending on the product you are using.


We’re hosting logos and images for our markdown documents that follows in our bitbucket-repos.

Source code and support

We useBitbucket and JIRA.

You can find our public source code repositories at

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Are you building your platform with callbacks? Be cautious; callbacks can be sent to your platformrapidly. By means, several callbacks can arrive to your platform the exact same time, causing race conditions in your platform - either in your backend parts or directly with your database. If you are fortunate, callbacks will be handled separately in a “standard” plugin. However, sometimes the best practice is to receive a callback and then handle them with a separate queue since database updates may not be fast enough to have the proper data when it is time to handle the next request.

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