getAddress (SE)


Description: The type of customer.

Value Description
LEGAL The customer is a legal customer, i.e. a company.
NATURAL The customer is a natural customer, i.e. a person.

This function is only available in Sweden! (due to legal reasons)


This function is offered as a service, since most webshops collect address information early in the check out flow. This function fetches address information about an individual or a company. If the customer exists, its registered address is returned. If the customer is of type LEGAL (organization/company) firstname and lastname will be null (empty). This address my be used as billing - and delivery address. The customerIpAddress is to prevent address harvesting. We allow only a limited number of queries within a time frame. Bashing will result in an error when the threshold is exceeded.


Retrieves address information. Note that the customerType parameter is optional right now, but in short notice this will be required (minOccurs=1)

Input (Literal)

Name Type Occurs Nillable? Description
governmentId string 1..1 No The government identity of the customer for which to retrieve the address.
customerType customerType 0..1 No The type of customer to retrieve. In many cases, this is easily determined from the government identity, but for Swedish companies in sole proprietorship, the same identity is used for both the person as a natural customer, and the company as a legal customer.
customerIpAddress string 0..1 No The IP address from which the customer has accessed the service. To prevent bashing. This parameter is mandatory even if it has minOccurs set to zero.


Name Type Occurs Nillabel? Description
return address 1..1 No If a match could be made, the customer address.


Name Content Description
ECommerceErrorException ECommerceError     Failed to retrieve the address information. See error for details.

The customerType and customerIpAddress parameters are mandatory even if the schema says they’re not. (They where late additions, and we had to do this way not to break compatibility)

Code Examples - Request & Response


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:shop="">

If the customer exists, its registered address is returned. If the customer is of type LEGAL (an organization/comapny) firstName and lastName will be null


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
      <ns3:getAddressResponse xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:ns2="">
            <fullName>Lastname Firstname</fullName>
            <addressRow1>Street XX</addressRow1>

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