Widget for information on installment amounts.

If you want to dislay a “pay from xx per month” information on the product pages, a good idea is to create a widget for configuration.

In this widget the admin will chose a payment method that shall form the base for the installment information. The admin will then chose the installment plan (number of months) without interest for this payment method that gives the lowest amount. The annuity factor for this selected installment plan shall then be multiplied with each product’s price to get the amount to present at the product pages.

The widget must:

  1. Have the possibility to be switched on and off, if this shall be used in the shop or not.
  2. Only show the payment methods available for part payment, that is only display methods with tag <specificType>PART_PAYMENT</specificType> or <specificType>REVOLVING_CREDIT</specificType> for selection.
  3. Present the different number of months/installment plans for the payment method selected in step 2.
  4. Have a configurable minimum price. The widget shall only be displayed for products which price, including VAT, is within the price range of this given minimum price and the amount from tag maxLimit from getPaymentMethods. This minimum price is to ensure that the monthly installment isn’t below SEK 150, which is the lower limit for which a bill is sent from Resurs. The prices should be rounded up to the next even amount.

You can collect available annuity factors by the ECom library.

Cache as much as possible to avoid unnecessary calls to ECom.

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