My environment seems to be unavailable for Resurs

Here’s a checklist for what you should test before reporting problems to Resurs

  • Are your site available from internet?

    Make sure your site are publicly available from internet (DNS configuration). Please see the section about local networks below.

  • Are you using ngrok?

    ngrok is a reverse-proxy service that many times helps testing things without having a publicly available server. However, ngrok has low reputation which also means that the host is blocked on firewall level at Resurs. Make sure you do not use ngrok when testing your API’s. If the url is present in a payload, the traffic will be dropped by default.

  • Are you using proxy?

    In some cases, proxies are - at least in test - not supported. As of december 2021, proxy support is only available in production environments.

  • Are you hard blocking unknown traffic in your firewall?

    See below, how you should configure your firewall to receive traffic from Resurs.

  • Are you allowing traffic from certain traffic in your webserver?

    Like in the matter of firewalls, a webserver could also block traffic from unknown locations. See the firewall section how to configure this.

  • Are you using correct TLS version?

    As shown above, TLS below version 1.2 is not supported.

    How do I configure my firewall/network?

    If you have restricted firewalls that explicitly need to define what communication is allowed, you should consider open for the CIDR-blocks below. Please note that the primary ports for a web-server should be 443 (https) as Resurs no longer support plain text callbacks at port 80.

Network CIDR-block Range equivalent Broadcast Netmask Firewall settings Allow ports AS Number - Allow from 192.121.110.* 443 (https) AS35814 - Allow from 194.68.237.* 443 (https) AS35814 - Allow from 91.198.202.* 443 (https) AS35814

Local networks / Hosts (or “your callbacks is not working”)

If you are using local networks during tests, be aware that all teststings does not work. There are a few rules to consider for “locals”:

  • Local networks like,,, etc (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network) are unreachable. Testing callbacks on such networks won’t work.
  • Hostnames assigned by local isolated DNS servers only does not work - we won’t be able to resolve them unless they reside on a reachable internet connection. This includes local zones like localhost (example: my-dev.localhost, my-site.dev, etc).

First step of error checking

Make sure that you’re checked with The “not a bug” list before considering the problem as a remote error. You can also take a look at Errors, problem-solving and corner cases, to see if it might be other problems that can be “self solvable”. XML validation When using our services live, do not enable strict XML Schema validation as minor changes on our side can cause the integration to fail. Signing troubles When you implement our signing requirement, please redirect the customer to the link the prepareSigning function provides. Do not try to embed the signing page in the webshop as an iframe.

The jungle of SSL

Do NOT use TLS 1.1 or lower! TLS below TLSv1.2 is no longer supported. Trying to connect to our services with lower versions will fail!

Where and what’s about SSL

Callbacks over non-SSL links When this FAQ is written, we still allow callbacks over http, but this will change soon. It is necessary that your entire site runs with SSL support active (https), both in test and production. The reason is that our callbacks does not support http-calls. I have certificate here, issued by myself. Is this OK?


Resurs Bank does not communication with self signed certificates. Neither we do with invalidated (revoked) or expired certificates, so make sure you get it from a verified issuer. But here’s some examples:

Where do I find a verified issuer?

There’s a lots of issuers available on the internet, so there’s nearly impossible to recommend a verified issuer.

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