Detailed information about this part of the payment.
Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
type paymentDiffType 1..1 No The type of payment part.
transactionId id 0..1 No This ID will be presented on the payment specifications sent from Resurs Bank. It can be left out, and in that case Resurs will use the payment ID as transaction ID.
created dateTime 1..1 No The timestamp of the payment part creation.
createdBy string 0..1 No Who created the payment part.
paymentSpec paymentSpec 1..1 No The full specification details of the payment part.
orderId id 0..1 No The order number as specified by the representative.
invoiceId id 0..1 No The invoice number as specified by the representative.
documentNames nonEmptyString 0..* No The names of the documents associated with this payment part.

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